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Utgarde Pinnacle

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UPDATED 2/12/09
Recommended Crowd Control: Repentance, Shackle, Sap, Sheep, Sleep, Freezing Trap, Fear Undead.

This dungeon consists of four bosses, undead, beast, and humanoid mobs.

Upon zoning in you will walk into a room with 3 Dragonflayer Ymirjar, an Abomination, and several skeletons. The skeletons are weak but do hit hard. I recommend killing them for the rep (2 reputation per) and to keep them from making an uninvited entrance to your fights with the elites ahead of you.

One of the 3 Ymirjar will walk away from the group and speak with the Abomination. This is the time to pull the remaining 2. Speaking of Ymirjar here is a breakdown of them and the abominations abilities.

Seer: Has a Chain Lightening, Healing Wave, and Lightening Bolt. Tanks and DPS should silence all 3 if possible. Mind control these should you have a priest. They heal is quite nice as are the lightening.

Fanatic: Kill them first. After a few seconds they cast Fervor. This will break all CC on the target and make them immune to all taunts. I found out the hard way that if you have them CC'd they WILL use this mid-fight and kill your healer.

Deathseeker: Basicly warrior mob. He has a Cleave and Grave Strike.

Scourge Hulk: Hits my warrior for around 6-8k. Has Mighty Blow and Volatile Infection which can and should be cleansed if possible.

Now back to the trash pulls.

Wait for one to go back to the Hulk then pull. Kill them and wait for the Hulk and Ymirjar to finish their little chat and he will come back to find his friends dead. Deliver his face to the floor and clean his Abomination friend up as well. To your right is a snow filled hall with more mobs to fight. Kill the pack of 3 in front of the door and then wait for the patrolling Ymirjar to walk away. Pull the set of two, then the abomination, and finally the patrol. Continue down this hall until you find yourself in the chamber of the first boss.

Svala Sorrowgrave ~400k HP
After a chat with Arthas "The Lich King" Menethil you will be able to battle her. She isn't to tough assuming you have good DPS. She casts Call Flames which throws fireballs at your party from the braziers behind her, Sinister Strike, and Ritual of the Sword.

Ritual of the Sword is interesting indeed. She will trap a random party member in a binding channeled by 3 banshees. Killing the banshees will break the binding. If you fail to break it the sword falling from above will hit the altar dealing shadow damage to anyone on or near the altar. The sword will still do its damage even if the binding breaks so get off the altar once you have freed your ally. I am told that spells similar to Iceblock and Divine Shield will break the binding though I cannot confirm it. A warning to those with pets. When she is lowering her sword during Ritual of the Sword pets told to attack her with melee will bug under her and be standing in the line of fire from her sword. Call them back or they will probably die from the ritual.

Other than the ritual she is a tank N' spank. She hits for around 9k.
ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: The Incredible Hulk
Easy as pie. Burn down one of the Scourge Hulk in the room or the hallway to your right to ~5k HP. The tank will have to endure it and Svala Sorrowgrave until the ritual. Free your ally from the ritual and position the Hulk under the sword. When it hits it should kill the hulk and give you your achievement.

After you slap Svala around you should continue down the hall to your right. In the room ahead is a staircase, and 8 mobs. Two are at a table to your left, three to your right, and three patrolling on the stairwell. The hounds here are elite unlike Utgarde Keep so don't take them lightly. They have an ability called Fixate which causes them to focus on whoever they feel like until killed. I suggest stunning them if they do this to anyone other than your tank. The Flesh hunters throw spears, mutli-shot and aim shot. LoS them or they can be quite bothersome. They are also vulnerable to shackle, the hounds are vulnerable to sheep. Clear these pulls and continue up the stairs. Four more mobs will block another doorway. Once through you will see statues. Ignore them and kill the patrol in the center. After that it is boss time!

Gortok Palehoof ~400k hp
To start this fight use the item to the right of you when facing the boss. It will bring all the statues to life one at a time in random order. They wont attack until the previous one dies and each have around 200k hp.

Massive Jormungar: has Poison Breath, Acid Splatter and, Acid Spit. Face him away from your group and the breath wont be a problem. AoE the worms he spawns down as they can get annoying.

Frenzied Worgen: Has two different enrages and uses Mortal Wound. Kill him fast or he can make this a difficult fight for your healer.

Ferocious Rhino: Gore is going to be on your tank until it dies pretty much. He will charge and apply Grievous Wound to whoever he charged which can get annoying if it hits more than one person. Lastly he does Stomp so keep him away from your casters.

Ravenous Furbolg: uses Chain Lightning quite often. Also has an AoE fear that lasts 5 seconds and an enrage.

After all this you get to fight the actual boss.
Gortok Palehoof: Throughout the fight he will do Withering Roar making this fight at an instant wipe should it stack to high. Has a frontal cone attack called Arcing Smash so face him away from your group. He will also hit random party members with Impale. He will keep your healer on their toes the whole fight. DPS as hard as your group can and you will down him in no time.


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